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If you wish to pay for more than 1 property please click here https://paytax.smith-county.com/WebPay/MyTaxSearch.aspx

Please read the Online Payment fees below

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Account Number Account numbers can be found on your Smith County Tax Statement. If dashes are included within the account number dashes must be included in the search. If you do not know the account number, try searching by owner name, address or property location.
Owner Name Enter owner's last name followed by a space and the first name or initial.
  Example: Doe John or Doe J
Owner Address This is the owner's mailing address. Enter the street number followed by a space and the street name.
Property Location This is the actual property address. Enter the street number, followed by a space and the street name. Do not enter street type or direction such as: Ave., Ln., or Dr.
  Example: 100 Weatherford


• A 2.50% convenience fee for credit and debit card transactions with a minimum fee of $1.50.
• No Fee will be charged for Electronic Checks.

• Please verify all information entered. Failure to do so may result in your payment being returned unpaid by your bank.
• Information obtained will be used for the initiation of an electronic ACH debit.
• Submitting a payment electronically does not guarantee that the payment will be made if the funds cannot be received from the financial institution you specified.
• The Smith County Tax Records/Tax Payments accepts the following types of credit cards


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